Who are we?

#Iamfree is a fresh and vibrant awareness-raising campaign organized by The Freedom Traveller to support freedom of movement for women.

Did you know?

  • Women are forbidden from driving a car in Saudi Arabia. They can ride bicycles, but must wear a full-body abaya (veiled cloak), be accompanied by a male relative, and are bounded within certain areas.
  • Road safety rules do not apply to women in India.
  • 62% of all students enrolled in the universities of Pakistan are female but the majority of them do not possess the opportunity to work. They face difficulties on their daily commutes because it is considered taboo for women to be out of their homes, alone.

Isn’t it ridiculous? How long will you stay silent on this? How long will women be kept in the dark?

It is time to rise up and take action – It is time to support freedom of movement for women! If you are hooked on the thrill, freedom, and unfiltered joy of driving a car or riding a bicycle and feel that women should totally rule the roads then join us!

We want to create an e-catalog with more than a thousand photos. Every government and organization in the world working for women’s rights will receive a link to this amazing collection of snaps. We need your support to realize this. Let’s work together for our future. For freedom.